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So what are we doing at the moment?.……Apart from continuing to help and grow local businesses with our reliable Radius magazines, assisting businesses, charities and services with our Radius digital department, working hard printing posters and menus for local businesses, wedding invites and orders of service for those looking to tie the knot with their loved one and of course, working with our many interesting authors on their exciting book projects…..we’re not up to much!

I jest, we are extremely fortunate to work in such a diverse company, with our fingers on the pulse, we are as happy in the fast lane with clients as we are meandering along a relaxed country road enjoying the scenery. It doesn’t matter how big or small your projects or ideas may be, we will be happy to have a chat and let you know how we can help.

Recent projects?

Arranging new areas of distribution for the Radius magazines, our ever-expanding publications which have served the local communities for over a quarter of a century.

Getting started on social media accounts for some new clients, which is always exciting for the Radius digital team.
Books are always close to our hearts, and we have recently published a few that are very different from one another but each incredibly engaging and rewarding for both ourselves as publishers and the authors who have invested time, energy and emotion into their projects.

After having taken a bit of time away from the office recently to enjoy some time with my family in the school summer holidays, the team have been amazing me with their energy and creativity. I am wondering if I will be able to keep up with them once I’m back.

Fortunately, I will have my trusty sidekick, Muffin, back in the office. Our loyal and greedy Cockerpoo dog, who provides a level head when we have lots of projects on the go……just watch out for your lunch!