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Books, books, books….with more than 200million printed books being sold last year, this is the first time that figure has been surpassed since 2012.

Undoubtedly the pandemic has fuelled creativity but from our experience, writing and traditional print publishing have been on the up for a while. I do not know the reasons and do not want to guess, but as a publisher we are just delighted to assist creative people in turning their hard work into lovely, finished books. We all love books, so why not make more?

You do not need to be Dickens or J.K Rowling. Although she would always be welcome here and we would dearly love to work with her, the reality is that we would have to talk her into doing a smaller print-run. But we are confident she would be happy with the service!

Our authors are as diverse as our projects. Recently we have published a non-fiction book, detailing the traumatic yet interesting experiences of a boy put into an orphanage, transported to Australia, who then found his way back to his mother. ‘’A Boy’s experience of orphanage life – Crying on the inside, appearing strong on the outside’’ (George Henry Parkinson).

We have also published an incredibly detailed and well-researched book documenting the history of RAF Catfoss, in east Yorkshire. ‘’Royal Air Force Catfoss, Remembered’’ (Rodney Robinson).

And to demonstrate the range of projects we are involved in, on a less serious note, yet equally rewarding, was, ‘’Giant Bradley and the Hedgehog.’’ (Cathy Jones). A much smaller book, aimed at children (and a smash-hit with my 5-year-old), with the proceeds raised from sales going to a local charity to help, you guessed it, hedgehogs.

There are lots of interesting projects in the pipeline here, so make sure you stay up to date to find out what’s happening. And if you are thinking about your own writing project, you know where to come.