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Great Lives

Editors: Elaine Phillips & Michael Sessions

“An engineer and moth expert who journeyed across the United States with Mark Twain; a hero of the 1920 Olympics who went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize; and a pacifist who helped ensure Gandhi had a place at a key conference on the future of India… who’d have thought one Quaker school in York would have produced so many fascinating characters? Great Lives introduces 30 of the best from Bootham School, and a cracking read it is…”

Stephen Lewis Chief Feature Writer, The Press, York

“As we near the school’s 200th Anniversary I believe firmly that it is right that we look back at ‘Great Lives’ of past Bootham scholars. I am equally certain that, in years to come, a similar book will be written about students of the current and future generations; about the ‘Great Lives’ they have lived and the ways that the world is better for their having being part of it.”

Chris Jeffery, Headmaster Bootham

“For Quakers, living faithfully means being active in the world and striving for peace, justice and equality. From the stories in this book, it’s clear that this applies in no small measure to the alumni of their schools. Read and be inspired to ask yourself ‘What canst thou say?’’

Paul Parker, Clerk to Quaker Yearly Meeting

“Bootham Old Scholars are amazing people, and I’m proud to be one of them. This interesting selection of thirty biographies is a glimpse into what Bootham Old Scholars can achieve.”

Robbie Millar (Bootham: 2002-2009)

“As a boy I remember my grandfather (Bill Sessions) recounting the story of his greatest football save. How have the authors of Great Lives missed this one out? I had no idea that my Great Grandfather (Hubert Lidbetter) was the most prolific Quaker architect of Meeting Houses.”

William Truro Sessions (Bootham: 1987-1994)

150 pages with a number of colour illustrations 160 x 235 mm hardback £16.99 ISBN: 978-1-904446-98-9