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The Pig Who Went to Market

Written by Stephen Sayers and Illustrated by Swea Sayers


This critically acclaimed short story is set in Yorkshire. It’s a humorous fictional account of the affairs of the ‘real pigs’ behind the toe-tugging ritual parents play with their children- ‘This little pig went to market, this little pig stayed at home …’ It tells of a little pig called Poppy who really does go to market. Along the way, she meets a pig who prefers to stay at home for the darkest of reasons, another who is preparing a colossal meal of roast beef with all the trimmings and yet another who is a strict vegetarian.

When Poppy reaches the market, she is delighted by the pigs she meets and finds unexpected adventures and magic. She happens across the strangest things: witches gliding across the moon on broomsticks, a pirate ship, a boy on a dragon’s back, and a mysterious silver trumpet.

This is a story for children and anyone who enjoys journeying into the far reaches of the world of imagination. Sit back, relax and prepare to be transported.


” An enthralling tale. The illustrations are some of the best I’ve seen. ” ( Jeanne Godfrey, Academic in applied linguistics, author and artist ).

” A fascinating and fun read. ” ( Peter Wright, TV’s Yorkshire Vet ).

” A triumph, especially if your little one loves pigs! ” ( Scott Mills, Radio DJ, television presenter and occasional actor ).

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ISBN ( Paperback ) :  978-1-912-728-72-5

ISBN ( E-Book ) :  978-1-912-728-74-9