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Assisted Dying: A Quaker Exploration

by Tom Shakespeare and Jeff McMahan et al

A collection of 11 essays by specialists considering the issue of assisted dying. Barabara and Paul Henderson in their introduction write that many people are intensely committed to their position. Either they believe that assisted dying is abusing the sanctity of life, allowing doctors and lawyers to “play God”…., or they think that individuals are subjected to unnecessary suffering…. other contributors are Harvey Gillman, Testimony and discernment; Alison Leonard, How do I feel about assisted dying?; Rosemary Daley, Palliative physicians- why are we so uneasy about assisted dying; Martin Scweiger, A Quaker doctor’s view on end-of-life care; Tom Shakespeare, Disability and assisted dying; Mike Nellis, Reflections of a criminologist; Benjamin J. Wood Autonomy and dignity: a Quaker theological response to assisted dying; Jeff McMahan, the morality of assisting others to die; Quentin Fowler and Judy Kessler, Dementia and assisted dying; Anne Wade, Life and death; Jan Arriens, The ministry of dying- reflections on death row Appendices include the law in the UK and elsewhere; the research and a link to www.leedsquakers.org.uk (Go to Activities and click Dying and Death); a selected bibliography. “The debate for and against assisted dying needs balance, I hope that this Quaker initiative adds to it” David Shutt, House of Lords “A timely useful aid to personal and group reflection. It has a range of opinions and is clear and readable” Stevie Krayer poet.