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A Friendly Word

Written by Stephen Sayers and Illustrated by Swea Sayers


“The book published by Quacks Books aims at explaining what it means to be a Quaker to young people over the age of about 7 years. The author, Stephen Sayers, and the illustrator, Swea Sayers have set themselves a difficult task.  Quakers inevitably use quite complex and sometimes unusual terminology to describe their beliefs and their lives.  Stephen doesn’t shy away from using the terms seen in many  a Quaker faith book aimed at adults, but he succeeds in  making these relatable to young people. This is greatly aided by the sensitive use of the illustrations which add considerably to the feel and understanding.” 

Review by Graham Ralph, York Friargate Meeting.


ISBN: 978-1-912728-61-9

E-Book ISBN: 978-1-912728-62-6

If you wish to purchase the E-book, please email design@quacks.info. Many thanks.