Thank God for Mass

An interactive book to help children understand the Roman Catholic Christian Mass.
Have you ever thought…
‘Why do children wiggle, wriggle, giggle and get bored at Mass?’
‘Why can’t they sit and listen like the adults?’
It’s because they don’t know what is happening!

At last, a book which teaches children about each section of the Roman Catholic Mass and enthuses about the love of God and the positive impact our faith can have on each one of us! This book asks children to look at and listen to each section of Mass and interact with what is happening. Children and adults will feel involved and motivated to enjoy Mass. There are activities for children to do and a chart for them to track their progress to become a Mass Expert! Whether you are a parent, family member, teacher or catechist, you will really enjoy joining the children on their spiritual journey using this book!


Product details

Author: Sue Ellis   Illustrator: Swea Sayers

Publisher: Quacks Books (2020)

ISBN: 9871912728206   Price: £8.50 + p&p

To order a copy please email: or call 01904 635967