Quakers and the First World War: Conscience and Courage from a Leeds Perspective


World War 1 was traumatic for Quakers in Leeds as for everyone at the time. The Quaker response was very varied. Decisions about how to respond to war and conscription were not simple and the Inward Light led Friends to different courses of action. Quakers and the First World War provides personal accounts of how various individuals and families — the ancestors of some present-day Leeds Quakers — reacted with conscience and courage in turbulent times. This book also shows how the ongoing work for peace is part of a continuing story.

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Contributors: Diane Exley, Patricia Gerwat, Robert Keeble, and Susan Robson

Editor: Veronica O’Mara

Perfect Bound Soft Back

Publisher: Quacks Books (2018)
ISBN: 978-1912728053
Price: £10.00+p&p

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