War Comes to York [soft back] Author: David Rubinstein

The outbreak of war in Europe in late July 1914 and the involvement soon afterwards of the United Kingdom were, so far as the great majority of the British population was concerned, astonishing and wholly unexpected events. Winifred Sturge, headmistress of The Mount, York’s Quaker school for girls, recalled summer 1914 in terms similar to many other published recollections: “When the school broke up for the summer holidays in July 1914, none of us even suspected the coming tragedy. It was unthinkable to us that Great Britain would join the continental quarrel.”

David Rubinstein is a retired senior lecturer in social history, University of Hull, and a former honorary fellow in history, University of York. He has been a visiting professor of British civilisation at the universities of Tours, Angers and the Littoral (Boulogne-sur-Mer), in France. He is the author of books and articles about several aspects of modern British history, including education, housing, the labour movement, women’s emancipation and the Society of Friends (Quakers), of which he is a member. Before becoming a lecturer in higher education he was a history teacher in London secondary schools.

ISBN: 978 1 904446 29 3

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