Patients’ Emancipation: Towards Equality

Patients’ Emancipation: Towards Equality

An engaging and interesting argument around the thought that patients are subject to a subtle form of oppression that they haven’t actually realised is in existence. The narrative will undoubtedly intrigue a wide audience. The work is well-structured, allowing the story to build progressively into a multi-layered scenario of relatable events and circumstances, leaving the reader hungry to continue reading. Jessica Kingsley, Publishers.

It provides both an academic and an experiential insight. Professor Rob Baggott, Professor of Public Policy at De Montfort University.

Bafflingly, in spite of their good intentions, doctors and managers can sometimes harm patients. This harm ranges from major instances of bodily damage, like those reported in the Cumberlege Review of 2020 and the many ‘hospital scandals’ before it, to minor instances of inconsiderate or patronising behaviour. But neither doctors nor patients are usually aware of what lies beneath these distressing actions. What can explain this? The author’s emancipation theory, drawing on social, structural, and personal factors, can. This book develops that theory, illustrating it with everyday examples. It offers patients themselves, doctors and managers ways to work towards emancipating patients from oppressive attitudes and unjust restrictions.


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Publisher: Quacks Books (2021)

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