Only a Thought Away [soft back] Author: Angela Howard

A month after her husband, Martin, died from cancer, in 2003, Angela Howard visited Paul Lambillion, a healer and spiritual counsellor who had given Martin healing. Paul became aware of Martin’s presence, and an amazing three-way conversation took place. As the story of these communications unfolds, Martin shows an awareness of events in Angela’s life, tells of his passing and why he now realises that it had been his time to go, and of the understanding he has gained and the experiences he is now having. Angela writes about mediumship and quotes from some of the many messages which have been received, giving us valuable information about the nature of life beyond death. She is a Quaker, and the book includes fascinating personal accounts of spiritual/psychic experiences contributed by other members of the Society of Friends – experiences which though considered unusual today, would have seemed familiar to the early, seventeenth century Quakers with their powerful awareness of the spiritual worlds.

ISBN: 978 1 904446 28 6

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