My A to Z of Life

My thoughts of life through the alphabet

Drawing on her years of experience as a daughter, mother, grandmother, independent consultant and Animal Flow coach, Jill has compiled a list of words and quotes that have helped her through the years and added her own unique take on what they mean and how we can use them to guide us.

Jill presents her collection in a simple to read style, for your coffee table and bedside, specially designed for readers of all ages to pick up when they need inspiration or a few kind words to help them through their day.

Her skill in gently inviting positivity into the lives of her readers is a powerful antidote to today’s fast-paced world.

Jill’s A to Z is a book for our times and one that will remain timeless. The quotes and references she has carefully put together will nourish you as well as lead you to learn more about the principles and authors she has written about.

Words are very powerful; they influence us far more than we realise. Read them and let them inspire you.

From the casual reader to the serious spiritual seeker, this book will positively improve your outlook on life’s ups and downs.

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Number of Pages: 444

Publisher: Quacks Books (2021)

ISBN:9781912728381   Price: £19.99 + p&p

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