Joseph Wood 1750-1821 – A Yorkshire Quaker [soft back] Author: Pamela Cooksey

This book has been written as an introduction to a remarkable man who was both a true Quaker of the Quietist years and a prolific writer.

Based on the contents of 100 Notebooks written by Joseph from his youth until 1821, related letters and Quaker writings, it offers a lively portrayal of Joseph, a minister of the Gospel for 42 years, who in that time became a greatly valued friend of all who knew him, a well respected and much travelled minister, a hugely influential person and powerful preacher, and a tireless worker in the cause of spreading Quaker truth. It provides a clear account of the place of religious belief in an individual’s daily living and an understanding of the faith of one convinced Quaker.

Many extracts from his daily memoranda, letters and accounts of journeys undertaken and Meetings attended are included in the text. Effectively evoking the spirit of the times in which he lived these also give the reader a flavour of Joseph’s use of language and written style.

It is well illustrated with examples of Joseph’s writing and associated contemporary material.
A compelling read” Edward H. Milligan, Former Librarian, Religious Society of Friends.

A full transcription of the Notebooks will be published in May 2011.

ISBN: 978 1 904447 27 6

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