All is One Love

All is One Love by Stephen Sayers

Reflections upon the transpersonal psychology of time and eternity.

Stephen Sayers is a social psychologist and a Quaker. Throughout his career, he taught and researched in English universities and at the Psychiatric Teaching Division in York Hospital. He was Head of the School of Social Sciences and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Society at Leeds Beckett University. Stephen has served as an Ambassador of The Peace Museum in Bradford, and as a Governor of Friends’ School, Great Ayton in North Yorkshire, The Mount and Bootham Schools and The Retreat in York. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
Stephen lives in York and has a great love of the arts, dogs, wine and irises.
At a time of great transition in the lives of many people, it is good to read a work that offers a renewed perspective of the relationship between psychology and spirituality. I found Sayers’ reflections on time and eternity, the relationship between time, past, present, and future, and the value of life in the face of death both stimulating and challenging.
Read slowly, think deeply and enjoy!
Harvey Gillman